National Day Of Prayer

Today I prayed for many things and thanked God for the prayers he has recently answered.

I prayed for our currently society…the senseless crimes against the innocent simply to prove a point or quench a curiosity, the mentality of ” Because of this and that I get to do this and that to you. ” The embracing of things people KNOW are wrong just so they can prove to themselves they don’t have to listen to God. The just overall lack of all morals. The list goes on. So, I prayed and petitioned against this growing epidemic.

But first I thanked him. I had been praying for a safe home for me and my kids. And after months of prayer and petitioning, God preformed a miracle. He got me approved for a great place. And it is much better than I ever imagined. It is more than just 4 walls. It is an end to living off other people’s couches and spare rooms. It is an end to always feeling like a guest, leech, or house servant.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all that has been provided for me in the past. But NOW I can a mom. I can provide for my kids. I can have full say over the lives of my kids and I. I can buckle down on us becoming a strong christian family. I can have Bible group meetings in my home and have a place to invite people over too. The one request I came to God with, a simple request of shelter, he took it and made it a more wonderful present than I can ever imagine. He is giving me a whole life through that one request.

I am reminded of those videos on YouTube where the kid who gets passed over on the team, finally gets the ball. He waits and waits for ages to get the ball and when he gets it he miraculously makes the winning shot.

God is getting passed over as we try to do it by ourselves or run to other things to fill the void meant for him. People have replaced God with ” light and energy from the Universe” . Replaced God’s will with ” Fate “.

Just think what would happen if each and every one of us gave the ball to God more often. If we all started offering small requests to many different ways he could take those small things and make then into a masterpiece revelation of his glory.

Today, on May 2nd, the National Day of Prayer I encourage you to reflect. What one small thing can I petition God for? Hand God the ball and watch him WIN !

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