Welcome: A New Start

Hello, Everyone !  Welcome to The Christian Hippy.

I deleted all my old posts and decided I needed to change everything from the site itself, from the feel and the direction of it.  Now it’s going to be me sharing what I’m discovering on my search for a more healthy , Godly, and free flowing lifestyle.

My Goals:

  • Get closer to God.
  • To build a lifestyle I don’t need a vacation from.
  • It’s my goal to go from Microgreens to a fully functional Homestead.
  • To discover and learn some musical instruments and various other artistic ways of expression until I find the one that really flows with me.
  • To get a new and safe house for me and my kids. A place they can call home.
  • Live a healthier lifestyle. ( Spiritually, Physically, and Emotionally )

I would like to invite you to share in that Quest with me. What’s your journey entail? Let’s share with each other and walk it out together !

-The Christian Hippy-

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